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Free two stage curing high transparent high strength fumed LSR (XGL-L-8320NCA/B SERIES)

Applications: free two stage vulcanization nipple, milk spoon, milk bottle and high transparent parts.

ITEMS:XGY-L-8320NC A/B,XGY-L-8325NC A/B,XGY-L-8330NC A/B,XGY-L-8340NC A/B,XGY-L-8350NC A/B,XGY-L-8360NC A/B,XGY-L-8365NC A/B,



  1. free two stage vulcanization
  2. Volatile less than 0.5%(200℃*4H)
  3. High light transmittance, good yellow resistance and high strength
  4. Use proportion, according to the mass ratio A:B=1:1