Heat Transfer Printing Ink

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Heat transfer silicone ink

ITEM:   XGY-2301A + XGY-2301B(TZ)+Hotmelt glue


Application : used for heat transfer printing. Mixing with glitter and other special effect powders very suitable for heat transfer by crossing linker glue, and transfer agent hot-melt powder.


Heat transfer procedure:

1.Print the base coating silicone on film sheet ,XGY-P-2301A mix with catalyst XGY-5 at ratio 10:1. normally print 2-3 times

2.Color coating: Print XGY-P-2301A  mix with catalyst XGY-5 at ratio 10:1. add pigment (base on customer request),stir well, and print to the thickness you would like

3.Print XGY-P-2301A  mix with catalyst XGY-5 at ratio 10:1,print 2-3 times

4.Print middle layer( special silicone) XGY-P-2301B(TZ),which mix with the catalyst XGY-100 at ratio 10:1.print 2-3 times,can’t bake it.

5.Print the glue silicone HMT-3.normally print more than 12 times,need print to enough thickness so that can easy stick on fabric. After finished, bake half an hour under temperature 60-80℃,and then increase the temperature to 130℃,bake an hour